The Credit Repair Organization Act or (CROA) prohibits credit repair companies from fake, misleading advertising about their services and repair service scams.

CROA also prohibits credit repair companies from immediately demanding payment even when work hasn’t started yet. The proper way is that Credit repair companies must first provide work before demanding payment.

CROA also makes sure that credit repair companies must provide their clients with a detailed written contract that outlines their services (must be 100% transparent) and must their clients the option to cancel their services when needed.

Take note: According to the CROA, credit repair companies must attempt to remove all the inaccurate and wrong information that’s reported to their client’s credit report as this negative information can harm the clients’ overall credit score.

The Best Credit Repair Specialists in Jacksonville, Florida

Our company is your best option if you want 100% honest, trustworthy, and professional credit repair services. We follow all the rules and regulations under the CROA, and we practice total honest work to make sure that you’re getting the best credit repair services you deserve.

We’re the best credit solution specialists here in Jacksonville, Florida! Here in our company, we’ll do everything to fix your bad credit score. We’ll rebuild everything to help you restart a new beginning. We’ll clean up your past credit score to make sure that you can start fresh.

We’ll help you with the following:

Correct Bureau Disputes

-Debt Recovery

-Receivables Management

-Credit Management

– And more!

We provide proper advice and education to help you achieve a good credit record!

We don’t just help you fix our clients’ credit scores and leave; we also nurture our relationship with our clients by giving them proper education and advice on properly managing their credit scores to decrease their possibility of having low credit scores in the future. We will always find ways to restore your credit score to a clean one while removing all the hindrances along the way.

We also provide strategic plans for your future!

As you use our services, we will also provide you with our time-tested and proven strategies to help you maintain a proper credit score. Our team of professional credit navigators will guide you to the right path in rebuilding positive credit while providing you with the best knowledge there is on making proper financial decisions for the future.

How we work:

We provide our clients with FREE Credit Report Evaluation

Our credit consultant will look at your credit reports (TransUnion, Experian, & Equifax) and carefully go over each one. This is for FREE, and there are no hidden charges for this one. This is a necessary move for us as we want to make sure that our clients feel that the best professionals treat them.

We provide Customized Credit Fix or Repair Plans

To help you gain the best solution when it comes to repairing your current credit score, we’ll provide you with the most fitting customized credit repair plan. We’ll help you decide and plan the strategies to approach the situation that you’re currently in. Our professional credit navigators will give you accurate repair solutions to remove all the hindrances from your current credit report to ensure you’re in the right direction.

Need us today? Make sure to call us for more information!

Whenever you need our professional credit restoration services here in Jacksonville, Florida, make sure to call us today! Don’t hesitate to call us whenever it’s urgent, as we have a super friendly support team that will guide you and answer all of your questions regarding our services. We do all of this for you as we’re the best option you’ve got when fixing your credit scores in the area!

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