Your credit report reflects your credit scores. Low credit scores can affect the interest rates of your loans, including your mortgage loan. Late and missed payments are generally considerable contributors to a negative credit report. 

Aside from interest rates, credit scores can even go as far as affecting your job prospects. After all, a negative credit report does sit well with an employer. 

It’s no wonder people are looking for ways to raise their credit scores in a short amount of time. 

While there are no ways to increase your credit score overnight, some steps can help you boost your score in a matter of 30 days only. Some consumers even accomplished raising their credit points to 100 in a month. 

Here are some tips for raising 100 credit score points in 30 days.

Review Your Credit Report

Request a credit report from each credit reporting agency once a year. Review them thoroughly, and look for errors that reduce your credit score. List them and search for ways to remedy your lapses. Work on improving them so you won’t undergo the same problem again.

Pay Your Bills On Time 

If you want to improve your credit score, you must pay your bills diligently. To do this, you can set up automatic payments using your bank or subscribe to email alerts from your credit card company. This way, you won’t forget it’s time to pay your bills. 

If you missed a payment, make sure to pay it immediately. Not paying on time can lower your score to 100 points. Take note that the number of your credit score depends on your card’s recent activity, so this should give you some leverage.

However, don’t be careless, and pay your bills before the due date.

You should also pay off the collection on your credit card, which can also help increase your score. 

Ask For An Increase In Your Credit Limit

Another way to lessen your credit utilization ratio is to request a credit limit increase. Go directly to your credit card company to make the request, or contact them using the number on the back of your card. 

When your credit limit increases, your balance will stay the same, lowering your general credit utilization. This strategy can help improve your credit score. 

Your score can recover, but you must monitor how your request is coming along constantly; otherwise, your credit company might disregard it. 

Dispute Errors in Credit Report

An error in your credit report can significantly affect your credit score. That’s why you must get your credit repaired to avoid any inconvenience. 

You can hire a credit report specialist to help you resolve this issue. Credit report companies can help you make sense of any card-related questions. 

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